by Irvine Welsh

A must if you want to know what happened to the main characters in Trainspotting. Renton, Begbie et al are 10 years older, but are they any wiser? Although set in and around the sex industry, the novel is not designed to titillate. Sex, violence, drugs and swearing abound, so if these are no-go areas for you, steer clear. Otherwise, it's just a book about downtrodden Scotsmen trying to make a quick buck. Very pacy and down-to-earth.


Craig's setting up the camera, a simple DVC on a tripod, as Terry and Mel start snogging. Ursula's fallen on her knees at Ronnie's feet and she's unbuttoning his flies. As Simon comes up the stairs, I'm thinking that I should do something now, but as I stand up, something rises in my chest and I start heaving. I feel somebody, I think it's Gina, helping me to the toilet, but the room's spinning and I hear laughter and groans and Terry saying:- lightweight ....


Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh
A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

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