The Prince of Wales

by John Williams

Everything is changing in Cardiff. Former singer turned property developer Leslie St Clair has big plans to revitalise the waterfront and make a lot of money. Pimp Bobby Ranger now advertises her girls on the Internet and journalist Pete Duke finds himself single after seventeen years of marriage. A very Welsh page-turner with some colourful dialogue and vivid low-life characters.


What was happening to the city was rubbing out Bobby Ranger's life. Five years back she had a routine. It was simple. Get up in the morning, sort out your domestic business: shopping,whatever. Midday you'd hit the Custom House, get your girl out there on the street, working the lunchtime beat, while you sat inside having a laugh, game of pool. Back to the pub again in the evening. Then, as soon as your girl had made her corn, you'd head off, get something to eat-Red Onion, Taurus Steak House- then down the docks to the North Star, little club full of ship guys, lesbians, prostitutes and queers. Stay there chilling out, dance, fight, whatever.


Twin Town - the film

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