One Tongue Singing

by Susan Mann

Zara is a young artist who seems to be oblivious to others, Jake, her tutor, is spellbound by her and tries to find the cause of her withdrawal. Passionate, moving, strange, compelling, all of these words could be used to describe this book, which will keep you intrigued. However, all may not be as it seems with deeper currents of racism and hatred in the closing years of the apartheid regime.


Already she has developed an extraordinary sense of privacy. An instinctive form of self-protection that lends her dignity, a composure, way beyond her years. And the fact that she seems oblivious to it makes it all the more fascinating to watch.

Only in one respect does this change. When it comes to drawing and painting Zara is quite different. She can keep herself busy for hours, confidently creating worlds of wonder, worlds of terror. Safe and content in a fabulous freedom that is drawn from a talent so innate she herself neither questions or marvels at it.


Breathing Space by Marita Van der Vyver

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