Big Cherry Holler

by Adriana Trigiani

A novel of birth, marriage and death in small town America and in particular, the ups and downs of life for Ava Maria and Jack MacChesney. Ultimately, this is a comforting read and the second part of the Big Stone Gap series.


'Here's the only way I can explain it. I live in a holler here in these mountains, where the weather is pretty good most of the time. And once in a while, a hell of a storm comes through, and it stirs everything up. When it's over, this amazing blue sky appears, and things become so clear and clean that I actually see better; and from my field in Cracker's Neck Holler, I can see as far as Tennessee, in such detail that I can make out the veins on the leaves .... You came through my life like a hurricane. You stirred me up and made me look at myself. You made me look at what I wanted and what I needed to choose. And there is a part of me that wishes I had thrown you down in that field of bluebells and had the wildest sex I could imagine, just for the thrill of it. But a thrill comes and goes, and we both know that. We did the right thing. I'm happy with Jack MacChesney. I really love the man. And I'm really happy that you're my friend.'



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