Class Act

by Alison Norrington

Fantastic; if you are looking for a book where a downtrodden woman wakes up and gets her act together this is for you. Full of agonising moments, that will make you cringe and laugh out loud. A wonderful 'feel good' book to lift you out of the winter blues.


She awoke the next morning with a renewed spring in her step, a good night's sleep paying dividends, with the additional bonus that the boys had slept right through until 5.30am, an achievment by any standards. As she brushed her teeth, the insides of her head rattling to the beat of her electronic toothbrush, she made a decision. Nodding at herself in the mirror, white foam escaping from the corners of her mouth. She smiled as she planned how she would reinvent herself and get a new man. Not just a 'new man', as in comparison to the old one's she'd met, but an official 'New Man' as in the species that cook, clean, sew for you and bring in your tampax on a velvet cushion. Her mind buzzed with the anticipation of it.



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