by Stephanie Theobald

A fast moving roller coaster of emotions created by Mousey Mo and Ruby Rose. Meeting in a New Orleans diner they are opposites that attract. I was desperate to know what happened on their journey and if, in fact, they reached the end. It kept me reading.


I am travelling across America with a woman I don't even know who is taking me places in my head I've never been before. She reminds me of being a kid - of the naughty thrill of the word 'divorce' when I was a child. She has a stage name and a secret name that she tells nobody. Only me. She is complicated like that. Her eyes are a bit mad, like she's taken acid a lot, as opposed to an ecstasy person or a spliff person - although she is a spliff person too. She likes to put things right and make people happy even though she had a horrible babysitter, and she likes diner waitresses because she is looking for a new mother. She over-tips and she always has something nice to say about the way people look.


Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

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