Driving Big Davie

by Colin Bateman

Billed as a light-hearted, laugh-a-page romp of two Ulstermen through Florida, this wasn't really my kind of humour, but it will appeal to readers who like their comedy fast, furious and in your face. However, there are enough allusions to the Northern Ireland troubles to give pause for thought, even if the quick-fire action hardly lets you draw breath.


He went to the beach bar and ordered up Smirnoff vodka in big plastic cups with a Coke between us. He didn't even get Diet Coke, so I could tell he was serious. While he waited to be served I concentrated on stopping my head from rolling off my shoulders into the pool. What was he thinking of? More to the point, what was Patricia thinking of? Davie was within his rights to be as mad as a brush, but Patricia - she was my wife, and therefore had to be more responsible than any normal human being was expected to be. How could she even contemplate what Davie was proposing? How could she even consider dispatching me across the ocean to kill someone?


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The Road to McCarthy by Pete McCarthy

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