The Mobile Library: the Case of the Missing Books

by Ian Sansom

Israel has hardly set the library world alight since his graduation and the new job in Northern Ireland seems just the stepping stone he needs. But when he arrives in Tumdrum he finds that the library has closed and not only is he blackmailed into working on the mobile library, he is also held accountable when all the books appear to be missing. Light and easy to read with lots of quirky characters. First in a series.


Israel sat in silence and tried to soak up the atmosphere. Unfortunately, someone else seemed to have soaked it all up before him. Everyone in Zelda's looked as though they were between a trip to the Post Office and their lunch-time nap, having blown all their pension money on scones, and the only decoration in the place were giant plastic yuccas in giant plastic terracotta-style pots, and plastic vines trailing from the ceiling, and in a corner a large computer was perched on a table, with a printer, and a laminated sign haphazardly Blu-Tacked to the wall above it announcing INTERNET: £2 HALF HOUR.


Missing Persons by David Cook
44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith
New Tricks - TV series

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