by Ron Butlin

A beautifully written novel about an young man's journey, both literally and metaphorically. It has a wonderful sense of escape that forces you stop and question your own existence - do I really want to do the whole 9 to 5 thing? Is there more to life? It's not an idyllic, highly romanticised lifestyle, so don't read this expecting it to be nothing but sunshine and beaches. However, it does offer an attractive alternative to the hectic Monday to Friday routine.


The Louvre, the Seine, Notre-Dame. The boulevards, the cafes, the parks. Hot sun and warm shade. Short skirts, summer dresses, high heels. Long hair, bare shoulders, breasts, midriffs, thighs, eye contact and smiles. Enough money to last three months and more, enough French to follow up the eye contacts, to chat up the smiles .... I lasted three days. Three very lonely days. The Louvre, the Seine, Notre-Dame. Sitting alone at cafe tables, sitting alone on park benches. The wrong city? The wrong girls? The wrong me?


Morvern Caller by Alan Warner

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