Citizen One

by Andy Oakes

If you've ever wondered what life is really like in post-revolution China, then this is the book for you. I was fascinated by this story of the fight for truth played out against infinite depths of corruption and violence. At first, I found the seamless style of writing difficult, but as time went on I became more and more gripped.


Xunhuacha, rose petal tea, tasting of plums fallen to ground and late afternoon rains. Another cup¸ then another. Spread out before him, four reports, four young women, three dead, one still living. But all mapped by the tai zi’s cut-throat glide.
Piao looking for what things have in common. Sometimes small things, but big in consequence.
One prostitute, Lan Li, and three other girls anything but. Expensive, private educations. Good students, good girls with nothing in their lives of the alley’s shadow. Nothing that should have drawn the attention of the PLA tai zis to them.


The Third Messiah by Christopher West
The South Westerly Wind by Luis Aldfredo Garcia-Roza

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