The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

by Rebecca Miller

The safe world of Pippa Lee, married to a charismatic New York publisher 30 years her senior, begins to unravel when they move to Marigold Village Retirement Community. Banish all thoughts of cocoa and slippers from then on - a kaleidoscopic journey through sex, drugs, teenage rebellion and the rest will definitely appeal to the wild child!


As Pippa closed the door, she tried not to wonder about Dot. She sensed a tragic shadow there, a wound. Pippa suffered from an excess of empathy. Sometimes, she found the mystery of other people almost unbearable to contemplate: rooms within rooms inside each of them, an endless labyrinth of contradictory qualities, memories, desires, mirroring one other like an Escher drawing, baffling as a conundrum. Kinder to perceive people as they wished to be seen. After all, that's what Pippa wanted for herself: to be accepted as she seemed.


The Stepford Wives by Ira Lewin
Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler

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