Hope for Newborns

by Rodge Glass

Life is too serious to be tragic. What would you do if you fell in love with someone who was seriously deranged? Would you be duped by them? Well perhaps you would if your family ran a Second World War themed barber shop, which is being attacked by anti-war protesters, and you definitely want a way out. You can follow Lewis deeper into the mire, without having a clue about what is to come, and enjoy the journey.


Anna looked around my place. 'Well, Lewis, it's not quite what I'm used to, but ...' and here she employed her poshest voice, 'a girl can slum it from time to time - as long as she knows she can return to her palace when she gets bored ....'
She staggered, though, there was little space to do it in, then danced back into the bedroom, jumping onto the bed and sitting on it, cross-legged, waiting for me to do the same. I did.


Our Man in Havana by Graham Greene
White Male Heart by Ruaridh Nicoll

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