The Northern Clemency

by Philip Hensher

Take a voyeuristic look at life in Sheffield during the Thatcher years. Delving into the middle-class lives of the inhabitants of Rayfield Avenue, the easy patter of the narration brings the street to life. From their mundane existences the novel touches on the raw nerve of the Miners' Strike and continues with the nonchalance of the Avenue to life happily ever after?


'So that's it really,' Malcolm said finally.
'Yes, I see,' Katherine said.
'I don't see much point in going over and over it,' Malcolm said.
'No,' Katherine said. 'I'll not be bringing it up, asking for details. We'll just get on with it.'
'Exactly,' Malcolm said 'That's the best thing, just get on with things, don't go on about them.'
'Yes,' Katherine said. 'The new people moved in over the road.'
'Oh, yes?' Malcolm said. 'Nice, are they?'


TV Series - The Good Life by BBC1
CD - We'll Live and Die in These Towns - The Enemy by -

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