Olive Kitteridge

by Elizabeth Strout

Everybody in Crosby Maine knows Olive Kitteridge. Retired maths teacher, mother of one - big, aloof and distinctly unlikeable. But only Henry and Christopher know the real Olive, or think they do. Olive herself is often not sure who she is or what she wants. Through the eyes of the small quiet New England community we learn about Olive's life and so does she. This thought-provoking collection of stories and their main character will stay with you long after you close the book.


The river was to their left, the small island seen, some of the bushes on it already a bright, bright green. 'My ancestors paddled their canoes up this river', Olive said. Jack didn't answer. 'I thought I'd have grandchildren that would paddle up the river too. But my grandson's growing up in New York City. I guess it's the way of the world. Hurts though. Have that DNA flung all over like so much dandelion fuzz.' Olive had to walk slower to match Jack's ambling stride. It was hard, like not drinking water fast if you were thirsty.


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