Let the Northern Lights Erase Your Name

by Vendela Vida

This is a beautiful book. So easy to read but with a deceptive depth. If you’ve ever wanted to run away and find yourself, you’ll enjoy this story of a young woman who does just that, with surprising results.


The bus let me out at the turnoff to Masi. The town, from what I could see, was to the north of the bus stop, on a sloping hill. I started down the road, past the modest one-story houses. Most homes had a car in the driveway, a simple strand of Christmas lights outlining a door. Through one lit window, I saw twin girls practicing cartwheels.

I had thought that I'd be looking for a person, not a place, but now that I was here, I found myself walking slightly faster downhill, towards the clearing. I assumed it was the Alta River, though now it was covered with snow. I approached the river, and the road took a turn. I followed it, passing larger two-story houses, and, on my left. A white wooden church. It was the first building I’d seen in this town that wasn't a home--there appeared to be no restaurants, stores, bars.


Ursula Under by Ingrid Hill

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