The Wandering Falcon by Jamil Ahmad

The Wandering Falcon

Jamil Ahmad

If you enjoy fascinating stories of nomadic tribes, told with sympathy but unsentimentally: read this book. If you want to know more about Central Asian tribal areas: read this book. Written by someone who worked with the peoples for decades, The Wandering Falcon beats all the well-meaning Westernised novels and documentaries out of sight.


The General and his son looked steadily at the official. At last, the son spoke. 'How is it possible for us to be treated as living in Afghanistan? We stay for a few months there and for a few months in Pakistan. The rest of the time we spend moving. We are Pawindahs and belong to all countries or to none. ' he added reflectively.
'This argument has been used and it did not count.' The officer remarked.

  • Gold Dust by Ibrahim al-Koni
  • The Duke of Egypt by Margaret Moor

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