The Distance by Helen Giltrow

The Distance

Helen Giltrow

An authentic thriller of multiple layers which reveal unexpected connections in a very satisfying way. But what makes this debut novel leap from the genre shelves is the central lead Karla, or is it Charlotte? Karla is a superb creation - written so convincingly that you can't get her out of your head and will gladly follow her anywhere. The whole is a terrifying, tension-fuelled race against time that will grip you by the throat.


How long has he been staring at the wall, and what do the scratches mean? Are they keeping score?
The light changes. He drifts.

He wakes on the edge of pain.
He's down on the floor, on a mattress. On the far side of the room in a nest of bedding by the door, a woman sits. Her face is gaunt and there are dark shadows under her eyes, like bruises. Her exposed wrist is brittle, skeletal. In her hand there's a blade.
Somehow he must get it off her but he cannot move.
He sleeps.
Behind a door in a farmhouse, a man is screaming.

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