Almost Like Spring by Alex Capus

Almost Like Spring

Alex Capus

Why do two respectable young men turn to robbery and murder? Based on a true story and reading at times like a court transcript, an unemotional style echoes the futility of the Depression era and the de-humanising response of the Nazis. But the events it chronicles are desperate, and as the pair leave a trail of death and broken lives in their wake we learn as little about them as their victims did. A cautionary tale, but no happy ending.


'Homosexual? You've got the wrong idea about them, especially Kurt. If ever a man liked girls, it was him. What's more they liked him too. I myself was a little bit in love with him although he was far too old for me. A lot of girls were scared of Waldemar because he was so serious. But it's true the two of them had an intimate relationship. During those last months, Kurt and Waldemar were together all the time. They lived together, actually: sometimes a few days at our place, then a few days at the Sandwegs', then back with us. Our parents weren't too happy about it, because it really was a bit odd, but what could they do?...'

  • Go Down Together: The True , Untold Story of Bonnie and Clyde by Jeff Guin
  • They Shoot Horses Don't They? by Horace McCoy

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