The Countenance Divine by Michael Hughes

The Countenance Divine

Michael Hughes

Society swept into panic by the millennium bug, Jack the Ripper's London, the visions of William Blake, and Milton and the Great Fire of London; this apocalyptic thriller spans four time zones where London and a small wooden puzzle thread through the narrative throughout. Fast paced, this had me on the edge of my seat and hungry for more knowledge about these fascinating periods, the characters involved and what made them tick.

Extract was about the end of the world. She told him she had worked it out by herself while she was off work. The Beast in the Book of Revelations was computers. You couldn't buy or sell without it. You had to worship its image. Its number was six-six-six. And the number in binary notation was one-one-zero.
This was the big clue, she said. It meant you had to look back one hundred and ten years, and then do it twice more...
This year was finally the end, she said.... It had already started.

  • His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman
  • The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
  • Paradise Lost by John Milton

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