Raising Sparks by Ariel Khan

Raising Sparks

Ariel Khan

A story of an Orthodox Jewish girl leaving home to investigate the mysteries of Kabbalah, the story slips between evocative portayals of local culture and moments of magical realism in a way that is beautiful, charming and surprising. The characters made it, and I was utterly caught up in the lives of Malka, and also Moshe. Not one for cynics, but those with an interest in the spiritual side of life will find it a moving and uplifting story.


Although it was now around 1 a.m. on a Saturday night, several hundred boys sat, stood, or stooped over lecterns all around him, swaying back and forth in their black suits and white shirts, the air fierce with their words and gestures. From a heavenly perspective, they must look like notes fallen from some vast musical score, now jumbled and discordant.

  • Blue Mountain by Meir Shalev

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