The Summer of Reckoning by Marion Brunet

The Summer of Reckoning

Marion Brunet

The Luberon, Provence - a landscape of quaint hilltop villages overlooking rolling fields of lavender. Don't let the romance of the setting fool you, this is a story of disaffected lives longing for escape. The chemistry between sisters CĂ©line and Jo is brilliantly realised, the summer heat palpable, stoking a simmering pot of teen sex, racism and violence until it boils over. Grim and gritty is my genre of choice, I loved it!


They quietly slip over the windowsill and plunge into the night, climb over the short wall on the left and sprint without laughing until they're away from the neighbouring houses; they chuckle joyously once they're on the road. This summer will be different from the others, they know it - there's a menace in the heavy, already scorching air. They feel it in the pits of their stomachs but they carry on as though nothing's happening, as though the summer will keep its promises.

  • The End of Eddy by Édouard Louis
  • Just Like Tomorrow by Faïza Guène

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