The Right Man by Nigel Planer

The Right Man

Nigel Planer

Slightly predictable account of the slide from success of a theatrical agent having a mid-life crisis. Worth reading, though, for the wry observations of modern life and relationships.

Oh dear, I'm not yet forty, and I seem to have gone straight from adolescence into my mid-life crisis without a pause for the prime of my life. There's never been a bit where I felt, if not exactly in control, then at least at ease. The last two thousand years of much-publicised male supremacy are meant, surely, to have rubbed off on me somewhere along the way. Surely I should be basking even. But it hasn't felt like that at all. Blimey dimey no. Even now, I am aware how difficult it is for me to admit that there are problems. I am meant to solve problems, not bleed them on to a page.
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Explicit sexual content