The Skin Palace by Jack O'Connell

The Skin Palace

Jack O'Connell

Bizarre, disturbing, but a compulsive read. The cast includes a teenager trying to make movies, a cinema which shows porn films and a stills photographer who is drawn into the action. The ending is completely unexpected.


She's just had a patch of weirdness, a run of strange hours. The outside events - the camera shop closing down, the riot outside the Skin Palace - don't really concern her. Everybody's got some story to tell about the day things went off-kilter. But what she really can't get a handle on is her reaction to the weirdness. Instead of being repelled, it's like she's been sucked in. She's sought these things out. She followed a strange man into a pornographic bookstore ... she's got no rationale for why she did these things. There's no precedent for it in her past. She's never sought out these kind of experiences before.

  • Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut
  • Bladerunner - the film

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