Whichbook is a unique site for choosing what to read.

If you're not good at remembering book titles, or if you are the sort of reader who likes to choose by browsing round a little and seeing what tempts you, whichbook is the perfect solution to help you find what you are looking for.

Everyone has their favourite writers who can be trusted to deliver the goods. But there are thousands of books out there. One of those might satisfy you even more but how can you tell? Whichbook enables you to search for a book that up to now may only have existed in your own mind! Move the sliders to express what you’re looking for and see what comes up. Scroll down to see all the books which match your chosen sliders or click Find similar to see books which match the specific title most closely. If you don't fancy any of the books offered, change your choices and try again - there are millions of different individual permutations possible.

If you know you want a particular genre - crime, say, or fantasy – there are lots of websites to give you information. But what are the things readers long to know and are unable to find out? Whichbook offers choices which are not available anywhere else – mood, emotion, plot shape, type of main character, country the book is set in.

Every title on whichbook has been read by one of a changing team of 70 people who are drawn from libraries and literature organisations and come together to share training to create the entries. The ratings and comments are created by real readers who care about books.

In choosing titles for the site, we concentrate on the books people won’t find by themselves and go for the widest range possible. Books must be fiction or poetry, written or translated into English and published in the last 10 years. We don’t include the biggest bestsellers as everyone knows about them already (though sometimes we’ll have added a book before it became a bestseller!) We do include lots of intriguing and less well-known titles. If you’d like to suggest a book to be included please contact us.

Borrow or buy

Click Borrow and you can link directly to public library catalogues to borrow the book you’ve found for free. We take you right to the specific title in the catalogue so it’s easy to check which branches have it. If you’re not already a library member, go to your library’s homepage to get information on how to join.

Click Buy and you can purchase through Amazon. Whichbook benefits every time you do this as we receive a small percentage for referring you. This is ploughed back into the site. So please support us by buying through whichbook when you can.


If you find a book you think a friend or colleague would like, click Share and you can send them an email with the link with the book cover. Or if you’re a Facebook user, post it on anyone’s wall.


Use My Lists to store any books you come across that you might want to find again. There are two default lists – Want to read and Have read – and you can create as many others as you like. Save books you might want to suggest to your reading group or keep a Gift list for the people who matter in your life.

W lists offer intriguing mixes of titles which share some of the same characteristics. If you have a favourite mix of qualities, why not contact us to be featured on our Guest lists?


If you prefer to begin from a known starting point, browse our Author lists, find a title you know and then click Find similar. Whichbook will show you the books in our database which most closely match your chosen title.