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The Minutes of the Lazarus Club by Tony Pollard

If you are a fan of 'what if' historical novels then you will love The Lazarus Club where Brunel and other inventor/scientists like him meet philosophers, business men and Byron's grandson, in order to see just how far knowledge can be extended. A great Gothic thriller with lots of murders and, for me, a truly surprise ending.

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Fresh by Mark McNay

A breathtaking first novel written in Scots - a tour de force. Humour, pathos, drama and a chicken factory. And Ae wisnae expectin het tae end the way it did.

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By The Time You Read This by Lola Jaye

From the age of 12 Lois depends on her late father's bequest: a 'manual' intended by him to see her through life to 30. This might have been a very sentimental novel but bold, often wrong-headed Lois makes sure it isn't. Okay so you'll be able to spot where she (and Dad) are making mistakes but that's part of the fun. Sit back and enjoy - secure in the knowledge that you've spotted Mr Right long before she has.

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The Digital Plague by Jeff Somers

A hard-hitting and gritty follow up to The Electric Church - the violence is full on and the body count is huge! Pure entertainment though and cult reading for fans of hard-edged sci fi.

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