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The Red Book by Meaghan Delahunt

Be prepared to be angry and deeply moved. This is a book about a monstrous, avoidable, criminal catastrophe. But it is also about three people from disparate backgrounds - Scotland, India and Australia - struggling to confront their demons and redeem their lives. In other words, a song in praise of the human spirit and its unending capacity to rise above terrible circumstances.

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Fault Lines by Nancy Huston

Snapshots of life of four generations of the same family, seen through 6 year-old eyes. Concentration is needed as the book starts in 2004 and works back to 1945 via 1962 and 1982, so I found myself continually flicking back to check what was what- but it's well worth any effort. Particularly recommended for reading groups interested in the nature versus nurture debate; NOT recommended for those who prefer to take a rosy view of children.

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Tale of a Certain Orient by Milton Hatoum

What a strange but moving story. As I slowly found out more and more about Emilie and her life, I became lost in a harsh but eerie world in the heart of the Amazon and in Emilie's struggle with life, with love and with her nearest and dearest. But don't be put off - I laughed often with this wonderful, warring and loving family.

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee by Rebecca Miller

The safe world of Pippa Lee, married to a charismatic New York publisher 30 years her senior, begins to unravel when they move to Marigold Village Retirement Community. Banish all thoughts of cocoa and slippers from then on - a kaleidoscopic journey through sex, drugs, teenage rebellion and the rest will definitely appeal to the wild child!

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