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Jia - a Novel of North Korea by Hyejin Kim

Intelligence, decency, even good looks and talent count for very little in modern North Korea unless you are accepted as part of the ruling elite. An understated look at life for the vast majority both in their home country and as refugees in China. Highly recommended unless you cant do without a happy ending.

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The Unit by Ninni Holmqvist

This sleek and steady Scandinavian novel slowly builds the tension as it unveils a future that seems terrifyingly believable – a world where older men and women are dispensable and human organs are harvested for more deserving people. The fact that there are no real villains makes this all the more frightening, for everyone involved is simply doing their job. There are occasional moments of lightness, but this is mostly a disturbing and hauntingly moving story that I could not put down.

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American Rust by Philipp Meyer

This could have been just another novel on the decay of industrial America. But although the tale of Isaac and Billy is bleak and shocking I was riveted by their story and read the last half of the book in one sitting - I just had to know what happened to them! There are wonderful descriptions of both the industrial decay and the natural world around it. Highly recommended.

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