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Sixteen Shades of Crazy by Rachel Trezise

Ellie is one of three ‘wives’ of Welsh wannabe superband, The Boobs. The arrival of English drug dealer, Johnny, in Aberalaw changes her life for ever. This book made me laugh, made me gasp, made me want to cut my throat – but it gripped me to the last page.

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Serena by Ron Rash

Surprisingly addictive, this bleak and bloody tale teases with the playful humour of the loggers alongside cruel and calculating plots for murder and revenge. Rich descriptions of the terrain and wildlife blend happily with the intriguing, often ruthless characters that kept me hooked throughout.

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Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey

In the overbearing heat of an Australian summer, Laura Wishart has gone missing from the small mining town of Corrigan. Charlie knows that she is dead. Trying to find out why brings Charlie face to face with his neighbours capacity for violence, prejudice and abuse. Its the summer that, in a turmoil of desperate questioning, puerile humour and life-sustaining friendship, Charlie becomes a man.

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Wetlands by Charlotte Roche

18 year old Helen is in hospital as a result of an injury inflicted by herself during a delicate shaving operation. While in hospital, she relates her theories on female hygiene (or lack of), sex and every intimate bodily function and the fluids that accompany them. Readers beware. This book is extremely explicit and some of the descriptions cross into a territory not usually explored in literature. But if you’re up for it, you’ll find that Helen an unusual heroine who comes across as brave, funny, likeable but ultimately perhaps a little sad. A disgustingly enjoyable book!

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