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The End of the Alphabet by C S Richardson

What would you do if you were given only weeks to live? Ambrose and Zapporas answer is to revisit cities which have meant a lot to them during nearly thirty years of happy marriage. A series of vignettes, some funny, some poignant, build into a touching, satisfying portrait of two loveable people. I loved this elegant little gem.

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Enemy of the Good by Michael Arditti

The book's title (a quote from Voltaire) reflects the message that, like the road to hell, following a path of religious extremism leads to the corruption of good intentions. This is a compassionate page-turner of a story, covering the full spectrum of the conflicts that confront our modern multi-cultural, multi-faith society. It will force you to confront your own beliefs and prejudices, while keeping your interest in the fate of the characters to the very end.

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Sold by Patricia McCormick

Heart rending but poignantly lyrical account of a young Nepalese hill girl sold into sexual slavery. The small comforts of 13 year old Lakshmi's spartan home life are replaced by a living nightmare as she is exposed to the soul destroying environment of Happiness House and the unspeakable cruelties of Mumtaz. This is a difficult, emotional journey told in simple, staccato chapters that leave the reader sick at heart and longing for hope in the midst of human misery. It gives victims of sexual exploitation a powerful voice that speaks long after the book has been closed.

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