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Pretty Little Dead Things by Gary McMahon

For a fledging writer this is great. The plot line is imaginative and full of twists, just the thing to keep you turning the pages. I am not usually a fan of horror, but this was a winner, I am going to read more of this author. Don't read this if you are expecting the current popular horror romance story, buit you will be ok if you don't like too much gore and enjoy suspense and dramatically unfolding plots with a nod to the crime genre.

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Ever Fallen in Love by Zoe Strachan

Have you noticed how friendships formed at university can endure and then wreck the rest of your life? This is a tale told in flashback of such a friendship, a story of unfulfilled potential, possible unrequited love and a dreadful tragedy reverberating through the lives of the survivors. It's also written with great understanding and compassion. You will not be able to put this book down until you have finished it.

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Poppadom Preach by Almas Khan

Dilly's story was both hilarious and sad. I felt so frustrated for her as she kept on trying to escape the stifling confines of her family. This novel was so real to me I kept forgetting it was fiction!

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The Most Intimate Place by Rosemary Furber

This demanding novel, about a young reporter hoping to uncover a Church of England sex scandal, has a bit of everything. It's funny, sexy, violent and sad. Patrick is a very appealing hero and the other characters are larger than life. The best bits are the really witty conversations. Interesting Biblical studies add weight and are a good contrast to the overall anti organised religion theme. A unusual and enjoyable read with a tragic end.

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The Manual of Detection by Jedediah Berry

Defying classification this complex, imaginative and clever book will at turns leave you dazzled and confused. A nod to gothic fantasy and noir the main protagonist, an unlikely detective sets out to uncover the mystery of the disappearance of a city's alarm clocks and more bizarrely the 12th November! Skipping between dreams and reality, a novel to savour for its invention.

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