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The Children’s Book by A S Byatt

Children's author, Olive Wellwood, creates a golden Edwardian story book world for her children at Todefright where the adults discuss socialism, free love and emancipation. But life is not as it seems. Olive's personality crushes her children and the parents' unconventional sexual lives rupture the family's security. The children become casualties of parental selfishness and the horrors of war. A rich book for serious-minded readers to relish.

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Burning Bright by Ron Rash

Full of shocking surprises, this hard-hitting collection of short stories gives a candid portrayal of the hardships experienced by its cast of characters. The limits of human endurance are tested, with the characters acting oftentimes irrationally and immorally in moments of extreme provocation. Indeed, when I began to feel sympathy for their iniquitous behaviour, it left me questioning the accuracy of my own moral judgement.

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Pereira Maintains by Antonio Tabucchi

Written as a testimonial, Pereira represents a personification of political conscience. I was captivated by his reluctant political awakening in late 1930’s Portugal and by his reckless final act of rebellion. This is a concise, intense, original novel; a surprisingly thrilling page-turner given the weight of its subject matter. An enthralling and somehow menacing read.

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7 Ways to Kill a Cat by Matias Nespolo

Like a dog with a meaty bone, this book grabs you and doesn't let go from start to finish. Harsh and often tragic life in the Buenos Aires barrio is depicted through Gringo. On the cusp of adulthood, facing choices but drawn inevitably to the gangs, drugs and prostitution that corrupt the streets where Gringo lives, he doesn't stand a chance.

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