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All Woman and Springtime

Two North Korean orphaned girls become close friends as they mature, but this is no ordinary coming-of-age plot. By the end of the novel, the title has become a sad irony, as the girls are exploited, betrayed, and trafficked into prostitution. Though this story is very painful to read, with its harrowing and graphic details of sexual degradation, it commands the reader's empathy in bearing witness to the vile international sex trade.

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The Crane Wife

At the centre of this tale is an enigmatic, uplifting love story. Following a dramatic, magical experience George's life is transformed by mysterious Kumiko. Dreamlike, often beautifully told, sprinkled with tenderness and humour, The Crane Wife is a heartwarming story.

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The Tragedy of Arthur

A clever novel about a 'lost' play supposedly by Shakespeare. Arthur Phillips, a convicted forger, gives the 'original' of the play to Arthur, his son, to publish. In a lengthy 'biographical' introduction to the play, which appears as part of the book, we are drawn into the puzzle of whether or not the play is genuine! It's so easy to forget that this is actually fiction and the author is playing games with the reader! Ingenious and unusual.

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Love Sex Travel Musik

Rodge Glass is one of the modern masters of the short story. He calls this collection 'stories for the Easyjet generation'. But they are much more than that. They are meditations on the kind of lives that we lead, the mistakes that we make, and the love that we are able to offer to each other. This is a life-affirming book, even when Glass is contemplating the disasters we may have to confront. Read this. Choose life.

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