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Five years earlier Stewart Gilmour had ingloriously fled Stonemouth, only just escaping the vengeance of the town's most violent family. Now he's back - with grudged permission and a time limit - for the funeral of the same family's patriarch. Interesting scenario. There are moments of high tension; there is violence, but also lots of humour as you would expect from Iain Banks. I had doubts early on, but in the end really enjoyed this book.

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The story traces the Kurdish-Turkish Topraks family across three generations and from the Euphrates to the Thames, twisting and lurching and dancing around tragedy all the time. It's like watching a moth circling a flame - painful, casting long shadows, but impossible to look away.

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My Elvis Blackout

Like a blast of air these stories or brief episodes of an alternate, parallel Elvis Presley are sure to freshen up your reading. Laced with humour, blackly comic and fun they are often strange, twisted and riotous and make for a very different, exuberant read.

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How the Trouble Started

Eight-year-old Donald rides his bike into a toddler who subsequently dies – resulting in life-changing consequences. Now 16, Donald is needy and consumed with guilt over what happened when he was a child. His decision to befriend an eight-year old, equally vulnerable, boy is hugely worrying. His story delivers an unnerving, thought-provoking read – directly from inside the mind of a lonely teenager.

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