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Flirting at the Funeral

A serious yet entertaining book where the past reverberates against the present, with themes of personal and political loyalty and grudging compromises. This is a powerful, raging novel with a distinctive style and unusual use of dialogue where the characters answer questions that weren’t asked and ignore the ones that were. Full of tragi-comic interaction that inspires an intense reaction from the reader.

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An astonishing, beautifully written account of the effect that nature has on our lives, both through the world in which we live, and the world that lives within us. This book is lyrical, insightful, offering explanations of our world and the way we live that are thought-provoking in their intensity. Everyone should read it.

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Seating Arrrangements

Gather a crowd of family and old friends together in the days leading up to a wedding and you get this - a story of misunderstandings, mistakes, regrets, not quite forgotten rivalry and awkward situations. Infused with humour and a cast of flawed characters it makes for an engaging wry comedy about people and lifestyle.

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Just as you try to classify it, Laurent Binet ducks and sends you off on a tangential line of thought you couldn't have dreamed up. Historical, action novel? No, too deconstructed for that. The psychology of the architect of the Holocaust? No, it's about his killers. Identifying with the soul of Prague? Well, if we could ever learn the lessons of history ... Don't try, just let yourself be captivated.

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