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Black Country

A homage to the Black Country, this personal collection of poetry has grown organically from its West Midlands roots. An assortment of memories provide an intimate insight into various different characters, whilst the use of colloquial dialect lends an honesty and authenticity to each poem. Everyday lives are recounted with grit and realism and I was captivated by the personal voice resonating throughout.

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This is a disturbing book, mainly because the subject - prostitution - leaves people very uncomfortable, especially men. It is also a revelatory book, written with understanding, compassion and sense. Fiona, through searching for her sister, is led into the world of sex workers, and comes to understand the workings of the industry. It feels right. It challenges perceptions. It makes you think. And the story is gripping.

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Reader for Hire

This novella is part of Peirene Press's ‘Chance Encounter’ series and was also a cinematic success. It describes the saucy adventures of a young French woman who decides to hire herself out as a reader to people in their own homes. But what do her clients really want – and how far will she go? Apart from the eroticism, there is also is plenty to delight the serious bibliophile, even one unfamiliar with French literature.

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Snow in May

Discover the heart of Russia in these moving and wry short stories. Here are lives of quiet desperation with flashes of humour and humanity, such as are lived everywhere. But this is a cold, cold place where, in living memory, people were once interned for their beliefs...

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Life Drawing

There's no doubt that the affair is coming. It as good as announces itself with full headlights and blaring horn. The only question is, what sort of karma it might deliver. And here’s the moral dilemma: is the artistic inspiration awoken by new (and illicit) love worth the inevitable tragic consequences? The writing here has the power to make the reader live every decision and keep asking the question: would I do?

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