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A Man Called Ove

A real feel-good read! Ove is 59, solitary and a bit of a curmudgeon, everything has to be just so and he is very intolerant of life in general. When his beloved wife dies and he loses his job, he decides he has nothing left to live for. However, his new neighbours have other ideas .... Lovely characters and a completely unexpected delight.

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The Visionist

A haunting, gripping story set in a farming community in Massachusetts, 1842. The story is told by three of the characters who are inexorably drawn together. A beautifully written narrative that explores the blurred boundaries of good and evil in a closed Shaker community and the men and women of the 'world' outside.

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What Ends

We witness the demise of hope, a community and a family, as neighbours then siblings leave Trevor to care for declining parents and a failing business on a remote island. Told from the family's points of view the strains imposed on them in bleak conditions couldn't fail to move me. I rooted for Trevor, but I knew he had to move on to learn to live. An elegiac tribute to islanders who have struggled to maintain their way of life.

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Song for an Approaching Storm

A love triangle that vibrantly portrays the transition from poetic daydreamer to brutal despot. This sweat-stained novel vividly encapsulates the Cambodian political intrigue resulting in a legacy of trauma in an evocative atmosphere that makes your blood run cold. The three distinct voices tell a strikingly human tale that is both mysterious and frightening.

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