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The Rabbit Back Literature Society

Teacher Ella is chosen as the tenth member of the elite Rabbit Back Literature Society but swiftly discovers nothing is as it seems. The founder of the society disappears in an indoor snowstorm, words rearrange themselves in books and no-one wants to talk about the boy rumoured to be the original tenth member. This intriguing book is a very grown up fantasy about writing and reality.

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The Absent Therapist

Reading this was akin to playing a game of pacman but without the pursuing critters. At first there is an ever changing narrative of sharp right angled jerks as one story - some as short as one line - veers off to another that is completely different. Like the game you become accustomed to these movements, but to the end they keep the reader on their toes.

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Like a darker, Gothic version of Jane Austen's social commentaries on women's marriage prospects, this bawdy excursion into the sexual politics of bourgeois matchmaking in Georgian London subverts our expectations. Echoing the social upheavals of the French Revolution, taboo themes of transgressive sex, seduction, violence, incest and rape provide plenty of material for book clubs to explore.

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The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman

What a surprising little book this is and quite hard to pigeonhole. I could not condone the actions of a postman who steams open the letters he intercepts. But my unease was swept away by the beautiful haiku and tanka that form part of the story - simply sublime.

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