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The Exit

Rose, a feisty 82 year old struggling with dementia, is convinced that something sinister is going on in room 7 of her care home. Catherine is the self-obsessed young care aide that Rose must convince to take action, before they are both in danger of a fate not only worse than death, but horrifyingly deadly. This chilling but compulsive mix of psychological suspense, horror and black humour leads to a shocking climax that will leave you stunned.

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The Street Sweeper

This is epic and bold storytelling featuring the relationship and life struggles of an African American janitor and a Jewish academic. The lives of closely researched and interlinked characters from the holocaust to the American Civil Rights movement emerge in a passionate powerful and memorable testimony that recollects cruelty, heroism, kindness and love. This mixture of sometimes harrowing fact and hopeful fiction lives long in the memory.

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The Life of a Banana

Young orphaned Xing and her older brother Lai Ker suffer from bereavement, racism and bullying. Then there's their stern old Grandma to contend with and her traditional Chinese ideas on bringing up kids. I found myself rooting for brave, lovable Xing and desperately hoping things would work out for her. A quirky, easy read which tackles some big issues with humour and compassion.

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Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals

Rhetorically audacious and aching with imagination, these poignant, rough, raw and often offensive poems are outrageous and designed to shock. Nothing is off limits as we view the world through a disquieting metaphor. Written with a traumatised, searing voice, this whirlwind collection of poetry will both disturb and amuse.

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Everything I Never Told You

Were you expected to live a vicarious life? This is Lydia's fate, she must be a popular all-American girl destined for medical school to satisfy her parents. Her disappearance triggers a retelling of their mixed Chinese American family story. The longings and feelings her parents brother and sister kept to themselves over years, burst out at last. A sad, haunting story it's also a mystery that kept me guessing to the end.

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