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The Way Inn

This book morphs engrossingly from a slyly humourous look at the world of interchangeable business conferences and trade fairs into a nightmare scenario, where literally nothing is as it seems - or is it?

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Dept of Speculation

Written in a blog diary style, these are bittersweet dispatches from life on the frontline of a failing marriage. All the agonies and joys of motherhood are here too, condensed into unforgettable moments that any woman who has ever been ‘on the edge’ will empathise with, even if you have never had to walk a baby to sleep for hours.

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Don't Try This at Home

This amazing collection defies definition but the overwhelming feeling on finishing is one of awe. The stories are subversive, beautifully weird, melancholy and suffused with a strange and joyful magic. The characters - both human and otherwise - are brave survivors and hugely memorable. Dip in - then take time to allow each individual story to sink into your consciousness before you return for your next fix. And return you will - it's addictive.

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I'm a science fiction 'virgin' and really wasn't looking forward to reading this book. But boy, am I glad I did. Original plot and easy to read, I romped through in days. I found it a frightening experience, not frightening in the sense of BOO!, but one which leaves you quietly unsettled. I don't think I'll look forward to going to bed next time it's a windy night - you never know what you'll wake up to or with whom!

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