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The Dog Who Dared to Dream

This South Korean bestseller is a beautiful and poignant fable about a dog named Scraggly; an endearing character whose dreams of family and independence captivated me. Foreboding and loss are adeptly entwined with a gentle humour particularly surrounding Sister-in-Law, the illustrations are simple but effective and this short tale is touching and memorable. If you don't like animal protagonists this may not be for you but I found it enchanting.

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The Body Snatcher

Meet Brazil's answer to Tom Ripley: unnamed narrator who is just as amoral as Highsmith's famous anti-hero but only has one tenth of Ripley's brains. He does, however, have charm, a girl friend who works in a morgue and the luck of the devil. So sit back and enjoy sex, drugs and cadaver kidnapping, whilst hating yourself for smiling.

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Beside Myself

To fully appreciate this novel the reader is asked to accept that a innocent prank can result in misery and madness and that responsible adults may not appreciate the significance of the joke. Told in the first person by 'Smudge' an identical twin, she describes how the prank results in her descent from delinquency to insanity. Strong characterisation, fast paced, brilliant on family dynamics, extremely disturbing but totally compulsive reading.

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