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The Beginning of the End

Lurking underneath the shock of explicit excesses and persistent pessimism is a unique novel that is brave in subject matter and assured in style. The spare and functional prose suits the loneliness and isolation of the main character and yet the unflinching description is balanced by a sense of dark comedy making this a thought-provoking book although not a cosy read.

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The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Peron

Peronism and management theory are the two poles of this wry satire. When an executive gets accidentally involved in a workers' strike, his American training stands him in surprisingly good stead. By turns funny, disturbing and surreal, the story takes him on a journey of self-discovery. Will he emerge a new man?

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An epistolary narrative drives this meandering story about the affect of China's one child policy on a rural community. Though acts of brutality take place, they are tempered by episodes of black comedy. A challenging reading experience which surprised and shocked in unexpected ways.

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Whispers Through a Megaphone

Ralph and Miriam meet by chance during a period of personal transition in both their lives. They are two perfect strangers looking for answers to questions neither of them know how to ask. These lost souls are brought together by fate, and as the reader you join them on their journey of discovery. Expect the ride to be bumpy, revealing and thoroughly entertaining all the way.

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Foreign Gods, Inc

This is a story of a clash of cultures, corruption and crushed dreams. For once, however, the central character is an African, who has been away from his home for a very long time. He has been living in New York for years - and he has not become rich. So he decides to steal a statue of the god Ngene from its shrine in his home village, to achieve his dream in his adopted country. Expect consequences - lots of them. Achebe would love this book.

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