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Nothing But Grass

The intricate story revolves around Ranby Manor and the events that took place there 200 years ago. The past and present converge throughout; tantalising the reader with parts of a puzzle. The complexity of the plot requires concentration as each character tells their own story. I embraced the role of amateur sleuth; attempting to draw correlations between an illustrated copy of Tennyson's poetry and an unnamed skeleton.

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Romeo and Juliet meets the Godfather. These young lovers are not young. They should know better. When the whole town is lusting after possible buried treasure in an old church, trouble looms. The man, an author, cannot resist playing God. He even argues with God about who's fault that is. So a cycle of killing and revenge leads to tragedy. Very Shakespearean

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He Wants

Lewis is 70, his life still bounded by the same town and the same people: but what is it that he actually wants? Just when I thought I knew, this very unsettling novel proved me wrong (again). And just when I thought I knew what he had done - or would do - wrong again! Engrossingly like life - and real people.

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The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet

Need a bunch of friends? Just step aboard the Wayfarer! Whether you enjoy big ideas, strong emotions or a beautifully imagined world, you'll soon be loath to return to Earth.

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