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The Devil and Webster

Never was the road to hell paved with better intensions! Set on a fictional New England campus called Webster College, this is a devilish satire on the modern day student protest culture and identity politics. When freedom of expression is under attack from calls to censor and ‘no platform’ speakers by professing offence against views considered politically incorrect, this is a timely and equally pertinent subject for the UK as well as America.

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Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab

A sad but tender story of love in many forms: between friends, parent and child, heterosexual and homosexual. Sidhala grows up in Trinidad always aware that she is different but it is only after many years living in Canada she finds the courage to make a fundamental change. Great characters, wonderful descriptions of lush Trinidad contrasted with the climatic harshness of Canada. A great read tackling a difficult subject.

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Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars

Part mystery, part love story, this novel takes the reader on a whistlestop tour through the streets of 1960s London - a different side of London life than is usually portrayed. Following Anna Treadway in her quest to find a missing actress, I became almost giddy. Brings alive the seldom seen side of our capital city from the perspective of its immigrant population.

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Central Station

Tel Aviv has become a central space port in a post-singularity solar system in this cyberpunk novel. Though light on plot, it is dense with imaginative mind-bending concepts such as data vampires, post-mortality packages and robot religions – with some humorous nods to Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide, thrown in for good measure. Great fun for all lovers of world-building fiction and virtual reality games players.

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