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Noontide Toll

Reading this book was a very sensuous experience - it constantly called on my emotions as secrets unfolded from the past. I found it to be a sombre story that kept its warmth with moments of wit and the reassuring, sage-like counsel of the central character. I was held spellbound by the deep insights into human truths and the beautiful depiction of Sri Lanka

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Tregian's Ground

Religious intolerance wrecks lives ... a contemporary tale? No, this is Renaissance Europe. It teems with life: from weavers to lords and from Shakespeare to Monteverdi. Follow the footsteps of the unconventional Tregian, nobleman, musician and spy and listen to the lessons of the past.

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Break in Case of Emergency

The age-old problem of trying to ‘have it all’ bedevil our thirty-something heroine as she juggles the roles of wife, employee and best friend, while confronting the issue of a fertility ticking-time bomb. This biting satire will strike many a chord with anyone who has ever worked in an all-female workplace, with bitchy bosses and undermining colleagues.

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These are the Names

Don't be discouraged by a grim story of refugees, trekking through the steppe in the bleak atmosphere of the post Soviet empire. It's an Exodus of sorts, without Moses but with a dash of deadly humour. Everyone is on a journey whether settled in town or an alien, and parallel lines collide when the migrants meet a police officer on his own spiritual quest. Can any of them, including the policeman, be saved? We can always hope.

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