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The Seed Collectors

This is a marmite-kind of a book. If you love eccentric characters, a basketful of ideas, plenty of tangents in the narrative and whacky humour, you will love it. If not, you might struggle to know who is who and what it is all about!

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From 1941 to 2011, three generations of the Hamer family eke out an existence in the Radnorshire hills. But this is not a tale of epic hardships and their brutalising effect on relationships, rather the beauty of land and humanity in symbiosis, observed with a crystal objectivity and delight in the detail of nature and personalities.

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Black Wave

This heady mix of memoir and metafiction takes us from the slacker counterculture of nineties San Francisco to a near-future dystopian Los Angeles, with the world on the brink of environmental apocalypse. Alienation, substance abuse, sexual promiscuity and self-loathing feature heavily, so don’t expect a cosy feel-good trip. This is hardcore entertainment - funny, fearless, insightful and mind-blowing.

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Feeding Time

The residents of Green Oaks Residential Home for the elderly decide to take their destiny (what little is left) into their own hands. A good mixture of characters with only their advanced years in common. The Care Home staff, especially the manager, are the deranged ones. The extraordinary, but also imaginary, wartime diaries of resident Captain Ruggles regularly interrupts the story line. An interesting and uplifting debut novel.

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Turning Blue

There is no hiding place from a shady web of depravity and sleaze as the story progresses from bizarre and creepy to alarming and sinister with a feeling of unease invading every page, although all this grim horror is balanced with beautiful, descriptive prose and vivid detail of the Yorkshire landscape. This vision of rural noir is not for the easily offended as you are pushed beyond sympathy to a state of bewildered anger.

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