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A Ghost's Story

This story takes us into the shadowy world of seances which were hugely popular in nineteenth century Britain and the New World. The contraptions and tricks that were used are all uncovered but the difference with this telling is that it’s seen from the viewpoint of a ghost called Katie. She’s personable, would desperately like people to believe in her and she's in love. I believed in her and I think you will too.

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Akram's War

Born in England of Pakistani parents Akram does not seem to fit in anywhere. He is the odd one out in the British army, his arranged marriage is not a happy one and now he has agreed to detonate the bomb in his rucksack. If you have ever wondered about radicalisation this is the book for you. Highly topical and thought-provoking but also a real page-turner.

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Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

It's not big on plot, but this quirky little story had me laughing and reading aloud snippets to the person I was next to. What starts out as a humorous tale subtly becomes something more philosophical. I felt such empathy with Sonja, a woman whose life has hit a rut; I was very sorry to lose her company at the end of the book.

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Luke Kennard is someone that you should not ignore. These poems are beautiful and poignant and thoughtful, and are dripping with wisdom and compassion. This is the story of someone facing mental collapse, and somehow coming terms with what has gone wrong in his life. It is worth reading because 'no man is an island' and this shows a way forward. Gloria Gaynor would be proud.

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