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Children of Blood and Bone

Kick-ass heroine Zélie is a girl after my own heart. She goes on a mission to bring back the magic in a land run by an sadistic king. The Nigerian take on the genre I find refreshing. Maybe a little heavy on the cliches, and don’t let the strange words slow you down if you’re not familiar with them. This is a solid debut as well as a crowd pleaser.

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Normal People

This refreshingly honest love story is laced with Irish angst and excruciatingly frank sex scenes, lending authenticity to the tale of self-conscious adolescent encounters. The relationship dynamic, with flashbacks of miscommunication throughout the narrative, increases the erotic tension in a familiar will they/won't they romantic style - but without the usual smaltz.

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The Rest of Their Lives

Moving, perceptive and gently witty account of one of the most unlikely 'road trips' in fiction, featuring: a Holocaust survivor, his exhausted carer, an embalmer and his grandmother. I loved everything about this novel.

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Portrait of a Family With a Fat Daughter

A rags to riches novel but also a paean to Italian family values. The story follows the family from rural poverty in the 1890s to prosperity in the 1950s. Teeming with interesting characters; mostly women. Men don't play a significant role in the family. A little tricky at times as many of the family had the same christian name and nicknames - but beautifully written and translated from the Italian.

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Early Riser

Disturbing ethical questions underlie this dystopia's quirky humour and thrilling plot. In climate-changed Wales where humans hibernate, a pharmaceutical giant is up to no good. A must if you enjoy dreadful puns and mind-bending concepts!

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