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So the Doves

With two timelines in alternating chapters, this is both a murder mystery and a study of how memory can deceive and distort the truth. Revisiting his teenage friendships, whilst investigating a crime in his old home town, a journalist finds his perceptions of the past challenged by the guilt and shame of the memories he had suppressed. The depiction of time and place is very evocative to anyone who has lived through the late eighties.

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Secret Passages in a Hillside Town

Just when I thought I was reading more Nordic surrealist fun, life treated as a classic film script as a way of solving mid-life crises, the dangers of resurrecting the past become much more apparent as buried truths and obsessions are unearthed. For readers who, like me, enjoy a challenge.

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The Limehouse Golem

Mid Victorian Music Hall Melodrama, Mayhem and Murder? Or a study of poverty and social awareness? Whichever, nothing, including gender or sexuality, can be taken for granted in this truly engrossing tale. Even London seems to take on a life of its own – pervading the very essence of those living there and determining their actions – for evil and for good.

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Lurking in the pages of Elmet there's a growing menace that quietly prowls. Daniel, the narrator, tells the story of himself, his sister Cathy and the enigmatic Daddy. Never quite fitting in their story is another of a tension and opposition with surrounding society that has grown over time. Rich in its depiction of rural Yorkshire, Elmet is an atmospheric and memorable read.

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