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Her Body and Other Parties

These are stories about the lives of ordinary women. Lives that are messy. Lives with coping strategies. Lives with sex and disease and the need to survive. Lives where weird things happen as a matter of course and ordinary things are completely strange. Lives without certainty, but lives with hope. Well worth a read. You will learn something about the way some women have to live.

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The Man Who Died

Nordic Noir? Is it? The Finnish weather is sunny in this story, but don’t let that deceive you. I really felt for Jaako Kaunisma, a chubby thirty-something. Everything is going to the dogs until he takes his short remaining life in hand, while encountering a few bodies along the way. Mainly understated humour - but the dealings with his staff and his competitors made me laugh out loud. And his wife gets her comeuppance. Very satisfying.

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A successful middle aged scientist, who has always achieved his goals, relates to a complete stranger he meets in a cafe, the failure in his relationship with his talented musician daughter. The story is told on an atmospheric and brooding car journey through France in winter. The two men discuss careers, relationships, failure and regret. Not a cheerful read but an interesting perspective on the family dynamic.

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Grim but addictive, this dystopia will disturb and move you. In a near future where a virus has killed adults, a girl and her brother struggle to survive. Can they afford the luxury of hope?

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