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Istanbul Istanbul

'It’s actually a long story but I’ll be brief.' Demirtay's phrase is perfect for this book, where the story meanders between illusion and truth, cruelty and love, past and future and life and death. Its varied, many-layered tales require very careful reading. I was captivated by the beautiful city of Istanbul, repelled by the horrors of the underworld prison and seduced by the intriguing and cunning eastern way of storytelling, all at once.

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East of Hounslow

Jay is a happy go lucky British born Muslim. He's also a small time drugs dealer who's in serious violent trouble with his supplier. His life changes when he is recruited by the Security Services to infiltrate his local mosque in the hunt for suspected terrorists. This debut novel is humorous to begin with but soon becomes very dark and dangerous. Great diversity of characters with convincing dialogue and a fast pace.

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Our Memory Like Dust

Set in East Africa this complex, futuristic thriller at times confused even an avid reader as myself. Whatever you may think of the plot, the subject matters of this novel remain as sad, horrific and relevant as those of today - fleeing migrants, soldiers carrying out acts of violence to others. However amongst the negative there is positive, those willing to risk their lives to help and make good. For that we should be thankful.

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The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock

Sensuous and lush .... Enjoy an immersion into the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of XVIII century England. But you'll also discover how women can only be wife or whore and men must choose between ambition and safety.

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The Terranauts

A group of ecologists make the ultimate sacrifice to their cause when they agree to spend two years inside a man-made self-sustaining ecosphere. Their every move is recorded and observed by Mission Control, with the general public peering into their inner sanctum 24/7 too. Although the concept of a group of individuals living in difficult circumstances isn’t a new one, the thrill of watching humans self-destruct never gets old!

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